Due to the inclement weather we are cancelling all classes from 5:15pm and on. Please stay safe!

10 Things Feature

1. Your safety is our number 1 priority.Coach Spotting

We know you want to try skills on your own, but we also know when you are ready and when you are not.  Practicing gymnastics safely is crucial to your development from bridges all the way to back handsprings.

Gymnastics Conditioning2. Conditioning and gymnastics are best friends.

If you truly want to be a better gymnast then you need to condition. We are not trying to punish you by making you do push ups and sit ups, we want to help you become stronger. So instead of groaning…. start working!

3. We truly care about your progression.

Your coaches spend hours thinking about how to improve your gymnastics experience.  Sometimes coaches feel just as stuck as their students when learning a more advanced skill. There are 1000 ways to teach and it is our job to find the right way to teach you, and your specific needs.  It could be 2am in the morning, driving to work, or grocery shopping and we will be thinking about different drills for you to try! Trust us, our brains are always buzzing.

4. Trust Us.Gymnastics Comfort Zone

We want you to step out of your comfort zone.  Sometimes when you are stuck on a skill you will have to try different techniques that might seem uncomfortable. You cannot do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

Gymnastics Straight Arms5. The little corrections make a BIG difference.

 It does not take an Olympic athlete to be able to have straight arms when finishing a skill. Any level gymnast is able to point their toes.  It might seem too easy but we notice when the little fixes are not being made.  Sometimes all it takes is pointed toes to complete your back-walk over and  look flawless.

6. Sometimes you have to go back to the basics.

Gymnastics Forward Roll

Let’s face it…gymnastics is difficult. The more your progress the harder it will become. Skills will not always come easy, and sometimes you will need to take 1 step backwards in order to take 2 steps forwards. You must crawl before you walk, and forward roll before you cartwheel.

7. We want you to care about your nutrition.

It takes a strong and healthy body to be able to practice gymnastics. It takes muscle, strength, and flexibility.  In order to improve in these areas your body needs a balanced diet. Eating McDonald’s right before a practice might taste yummy, but trust us your gymnastics will suffer. We can only give you the tips and tricks to become a better gymnast; it is up to you to follow through.  Gymnastics is not always about doing a cartwheel; it is also about taking care of your body in a healthy manner.

8. You might not become a high-level gymnast and that is O.K.

Are you having fun? Are you happy? Then that is all that really matters. Not only are we here to make sure you learning how to be safe and how to do these skills; we are also here to help you have fun and be active.  Of course we love when you progress and learn new skills, but we also love when you are happy!

9. We look forward to seeing you.Gymnastics Dance

At the end of the day our athletes are the reason we love our job. We love to watch you grow and accomplish your goals. You make us laugh and have a very special place in our hearts. If you ever feel as if we are being hard on you, it is because we know you are capable!

Gymnastics Beam10. Make every second count.

Coaches and athletes get to see each other about 1 or 2 hours a week. That is a lot of practice, corrections, and memories to make in a very short amount of time.  Try to make the best of every minute you have in your gymnastics class and with your coaches. Remember we are here to help you grow and learn. Going into class with a positive attitude will only make your gymnastics experience that much better!

We are cancelling our 12:30, 12:45, 1:15, and 1:30 classes today, as well as all birthday parties due to the upcoming blizzard warning. Please stay safe and warm today!

10 gifts for gymnasts under $100

This may come as a surprise but gymnasts can be very easy to shop for. From leotards to inspirational books, as long as it involves gymnastics, they’ll be happy! The best part about shopping for a gymnast is it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are 10 holiday gifts for your gymnast under $100:

Pull Up Bar – $23.95 amazon.com

pull up bar

Pull-up bars are an amazing gift for growing gymnasts. They will be able to grow their upper body strength and other various conditioning exercises like leg raises!

 Cartwheel Mat – $65 amazon.com

cartwheel mat

This is the perfect gift for those preschool or beginner gymnasts. This mat allows for demonstration of the proper placement for hands and feet, as well as a straight line to use in place as a balance beam.

Beginner Bar Grips – $11.95 gymsupply.com

bar grips

These grips will help any beginner gymnast protect themselves against tears and rips in their hands. Your gymnast will love them even more that they are by Nastia Liukin!

Matching Doll Leotard Set – $32.99 destira.com

matching doll leotard

They love their dolls as much as we love our gymnasts, of course a matching leotard for their doll would make their day!

Grace, Gold, and Glory My Leap Of Faith by Gabby Douglas – $16.86 amazon.com

grace glory gold book

If you have a gymnast that loves to read then this is the gift for them. Our tiny athletes idolize Olympic gymnasts, reading will leave them feeling inspired and motivated to work hard!

Gymnastics Jersey Shirt – $39.99 chalktalksports.com

gymnastics jersey shirt

After wearing a leotard, gymnasts just want to be comfy. This long sleeve tee will keep them warm and comfortable while still showing off their love for gymnastics.

Simone Biles Leotard – $64.99 gkelite.com

simone biles leotard

Simone rocked the 2016 Summer Olympics and our gymnasts are proud! They would feel crazy confident in their own gymnastics class wearing one her signed leos!

Gymnastics Cell Phone Case – $17.95 purposelydesigned.com

gymnast phone case

If there is anything a gymnast wants to do, it is live, breath, eat, and sleep gymnastics. This cute and colorful cell phone case will let gymnasts be able to keep gymnastics right in the palm of their hand!

Personalized Gymnastics Water Bottle – $12.00 etsy.com

gymnast water bottle

Gymnasts need water, and they prefer it to come from a cute water bottle. Personalize them all the way from their favorite color to their nickname!

Pajama Pants – $34.99 varsitygirl.net

gymnastics pj pants

At the end of the day, your athlete is tired. They would love nothing more than falling asleep is comfortable pants, dreaming about their favorite sport…gymnastics!

Dance and Gymnastics

Have you ever considered enrolling your child in a dance class alongside Gymnastics? Perhaps you have considered the benefits that one gains from the other, and need some more information before you commit to one. (Or in this case, both!) Here are seven benefits of dance and gymnastics.

Dance and Gymnastics


Balance and Grace

Dance helps develop both balance and grace, which is something gymnasts need on many of their apparatus, especially Floor and Beam.

Core Strength

Ballet class develops core strength through rigorous positions and repetition. This translates to greater tumbling strength for the gymnast.

Bay State Gymnastics Camp

Body Control

Because dance works with rhythm and counts, the dancer develops a keen sense of body control. This helps tremendously when the gymnast needs to identify problem areas in their gymnastics skills.


Dance helps gymnasts to become more rhythmically inclined, leading to more grace and showmanship in their floor routines.


Both dance and gymnastics have their own unique areas in which focus and determination are imperative. The discipline that the athlete receives from these areas helps to develop life- long habits.

Conditioning—(Athletic Training)

The training that gymnasts receive helps to be a stronger, more powerful dancer with greater stamina for longer routines, etc.

Bay State Gymnastics Camp

Increased life-long athletic skills

From a young age, preschoolers who take ballet lessons along with gymnastics classes have greater success with athleticism as they grow.

So remember, when discussing prices of classes, schedules and other mundane details, you are not simply paying for dance and gymnastics. You are  paying for the opportunities these sports provide to your child in developing attributes that will serve them well throughout their lives.

You should also know that not all schools have programs that will combine the two disciplines. If you can’t find a program that contains both, look into schools that offer both as separate classes.

If you can think of more benefits, or have comments about any that I listed then please share in the comments below!

Gymnastics Warm Up

Do you know the why we have our athletes warm-up and stretch at the beginning of their gymnastics class? Our athletes participate in an active warm-up for the same reason a professional athlete has a warm-up regimen, an active warm-up and stretch helps prepare their bodies for the exercise they are about to get.

Warming up and stretching their bodies’ helps to increase blood flow to their muscles which helps reduce soreness and lessen the risk of injury. In turn, this helps our athletes feel ready to participate. We incorporate 2 types of stretching into our lessons, Dynamic and Static Stretching.


Dynamic Stretching, or “stretching with movement”, is used to increase their range of motion and reduce muscle stiffness. Active Warm UpStatic Stretching “stationary stretching” is used to elongate the muscles and increase flexibility. As gymnasts both range of motion and flexibility are important for their skill development which is why we incorporate both into each lesson.


Warm-ups are also mental preparation for our athletes. The assigned warm-up and stretching movements are directly connected to the movements they are learning during the skills in their classes. This mentally prepares them for body positions they will encounter throughout their lesson by being familiar with and having already passed their bodies through these positions during their warm-up and stretch.

What is your favorite warm-up? Let me know in the comments below!

School age Girls Gymnastics

With summer literally right around the corner I’m sure you’ve planned out the camp your kids are going to on what days, and on what weeks, well in advance. OK, maybe not! Well at Bay State we are super excited about our camps. We know how busy things can get in the summer with work and hectic schedules.

If you’ve been thinking about it, here are some reasons why sending your child (or children) to a sports-specific camp is a great choice!

Let’s get to it!

The Top 7 Reasons To Send Your Child To a Sports-Specific Camp

1. Spending the day being physically activeHand Stands

In a time when technology is a constant distraction among kids and young adults, sports-specific camps will keep them moving while also helping them improve their individual skills in a specific sport.

2. Goal-setting

It is important to learn how to set and accomplish goals, especially at a young age. Often at a sports-specific camp, goals are recorded or discussed at the beginning of the week to ensure coaching staff meets the needs of the individual athlete.

3. Diversity of coaching and peer athletes

A new coach means a new perspective and technical coaching style. Hearing the same correction from a new face may get a different reaction.

4. Meeting new friends with similar interestsFriends

Sports-specific camps provide an environment where athletes have a fun and positive experience with friends and peers who share a love of the same sport. Great bonds and friendships are developed in these atmospheres.

5. Access to a premier facility

Often times, sports-specific camps are held in a clean, fun, safe, and comfortable facility that is designed specifically for that sport. These facilities are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to train in the sport.

6. Trained and experienced coaches

The camp counselors are highly experienced coaches who are trained and certified to provide high quality instruction in the specific sport.

7. Healthy competition amongst peers Dance

When athletes attend sports-specific camps, they are exposed to a different set of peers and competitors than their usual teammates from school or their hometown. This challenges the athletes to give 100% and excel to achieve success among their new competition.