Have you ever considered enrolling your child in a dance class alongside Gymnastics? Perhaps you have considered the benefits that one gains from the other, and need some more information before you commit to one. (Or in this case, both!) Here are seven benefits of dance and gymnastics.

Dance and Gymnastics


Balance and Grace

Dance helps develop both balance and grace, which is something gymnasts need on many of their apparatus, especially Floor and Beam.

Core Strength

Ballet class develops core strength through rigorous positions and repetition. This translates to greater tumbling strength for the gymnast.

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Body Control

Because dance works with rhythm and counts, the dancer develops a keen sense of body control. This helps tremendously when the gymnast needs to identify problem areas in their gymnastics skills.


Dance helps gymnasts to become more rhythmically inclined, leading to more grace and showmanship in their floor routines.


Both dance and gymnastics have their own unique areas in which focus and determination are imperative. The discipline that the athlete receives from these areas helps to develop life- long habits.

Conditioning—(Athletic Training)

The training that gymnasts receive helps to be a stronger, more powerful dancer with greater stamina for longer routines, etc.

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Increased life-long athletic skills

From a young age, preschoolers who take ballet lessons along with gymnastics classes have greater success with athleticism as they grow.

So remember, when discussing prices of classes, schedules and other mundane details, you are not simply paying for dance and gymnastics. You are  paying for the opportunities these sports provide to your child in developing attributes that will serve them well throughout their lives.

You should also know that not all schools have programs that will combine the two disciplines. If you can’t find a program that contains both, look into schools that offer both as separate classes.

If you can think of more benefits, or have comments about any that I listed then please share in the comments below!

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  1. Tyler Meredith
    Tyler Meredith says:

    My daughter has been wanting to start dance classes but I haven’t been fully convinced. I didn’t realize that there are so may physical and mental benefits to both dance and gymnastics. I’ll have to keep things like her improvements in discipline and body control in mind so she doesn’t get out of shape. Thanks for the post!


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