Group Gymnastics

Parent Advisory Board


CONGRATULATIONS to all of our athletes who attended Power Team Gym 2013-2014 Tryouts! Thank you for your commitment and hard work through this process. This year we are thrilled to have over 50 athletes making up 5 solid teams. We are eager to continue the strong work ethic displayed in tryouts as we prepare for the season. It promises to be an exciting year for all!

 The coaches made a decision heading into the tryout process to extend the tryout period to allow the athletes opportunities to demonstrate their skills. As coaches, we were pleased to have the extra practice/evaluation sessions to have additional time and opportunities to discuss and place the athletes on a team/level that best fits him/her. We have developed 5 well-balanced teams throughout the selection process and we are very excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

The selection process was based on several categories including:

·         Collaboration of scores throughout the tryout process

·         Previous level/past experience

·         Age/grade level

·         Choreography retention and awareness

·         Jump skill technique and execution

·         Consistency and ability to follow instruction

Practice times are as follows:

Level 2-    5:45-7:45 Tuesday (Must take an additional weekly class; cannot be a tumbling class)

Level 3-    6:30-8:30 Thursday (Must take an additional weekly class; cannot be a tumbling class)

Level 4-    5:45-8:15 Tuesday, 7:00-8:30 Thursday * (additional class/workout encouraged)

Level 6-    5:45-8:15 Tuesday, 7:00-8:30 Thursday * (additional class/workout encouraged)


Thank you for your time, effort and support.


Power Team Gym Coaches and Staff



2013-2014 Bay State Gymnastics Academy

Power Team Gym Squads

Level 2 : BLUE

Andrew Lally

Ava Kaplan

Benjamin Costa

Chloe Hurley

David Lally

Emma Whittaker

Kaiya Rego

Mallaika Paine

Sydney Leary

Level 3 : RED

Cailey Desirey

Cate Parks

Claire Romano

Emma Chartier

Jenna Gamache

Kylie Ellis

Lexie Hallett

Makenna Pierce

May Caron

Nicholas Oldfield

Olivia Motta

Sam Beausejour

Sara Mullin

Level 4 : GREEN

Arianna Gagliardi

Caroline Romano

Frankie Consiglio

Hailee O’Brien

Hannah Veary

Sierra Brown

Stephanie Garcia

Summer Dinardo

Tessa Carreiro

 Level 4 WHITE

Annika Spivey

Caroline Powell

Jillian Lawler

Rachel Borges

Ryan Sargent

Sam Kaplan

Sophia Perry

Sophia Rego

Tamikka Marshall


Level 6 : YELLOW

Acadia Cass

Chellsie Pearson

Daniela Ochoa

Harriet Beaulieu

Jessica Joseph

Jocelyn Frade

Matt Lincoln

Morgan Martins

Stormie Becotte





Team Gym is competitive synchronized gymnastics squad that is perfect for recreational gymnasts. This program is perfect for students who want to compete and be part of a team environment while only practicing a few hours per week. Team Gym encourages team unity, gymnastics ability and fun! Team Gym consists of two gymnastics events; Group Floor and Group Jump. Group Floor is a synchronized floor routine consisting of elements specific to their level. Group Jump consists of rapid fire Tumbling, Vault and Mini-trampoline utilizing specific passes designed for each level of Team Gym. Team Gym levels run 1-10 with levels 8-10 being International Levels. At Bay State Gymnastics Academy we offer Team Gym as a competitive opportunity to gymnasts Advanced Beginner level or higher. All Team Gym members must attend two classes per week; a recreational class as well as the Team Gym practice night (Tuesdays). Bay State Gymnastics Academy has been competing in Team Gym since 1999.