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Current Team Member Information


Congratulations to all of our athletes who tried our for our Power Team Gym 2014-2015 Season! All levels are posted below. Thank you for your commitment and hard work through this process. This year we are thrilled to have very talented athletes making up 5 teams! We are eager to continue the strong work ethic displayed in tryouts as we prepare for the season. It promises to be an exciting year for all!

Practice Status
In an attempt to give every athlete the best experience, we have implemented a Practice Status to our 2014-15 competition teams.  This is an exciting opportunity for these athletes to have a growth period and continue to progress in skill.  This means that an athlete is on the level written, as practice status, until they obtain the skills needed to reach competition status. In order for a practice status to become a competition status, each athlete must be able to perform two of the required jump passes in separate events up to competition standards as well as competition standard dance skills. All athletes who have practice status have scored within the range of the level in which they are placed.  This can happen at any point in the season.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email coach Jess or Rachel at

*Athletes are in no particular order

Level 2 

Emma Fallon

Avery Smith

Emma Waite

Eva Silva Romao

Nashajia Monteiro

Sara Raposo

Lauren Hall

Level 3

Mallaika Paine

Kamyrn Berube

Rachel Tsuchdy

Sofia Kapogiannis

Sydney Leary

Sarah Adams

Tess Adams

Kaiya Rego

Chloe Hurley

Ava Kaplan

Emma Whittaker (Practice Status)

Level 4 

May Caron

Cate Parks

Makenna Pierce

Cailey Desirey

Jenna Gamache

Karina Desouza

Ben Costa

Ally Blair (Practice Status)

Kylie Ellis (Practice Status)

Emma Chartier (Practice Status)

Lexie Hallett (Practice Status)

Level 5

Kaitlyn Gagne

Summer Dinardo

Olivia Motta

Taylor Gall

Jillian Lawler

Arianna Gagliardi

Stephanie Garcia (Practice Status)

Tamikka Marshall (Practice Status)

Sophia Rego (Practice Status)

Rachel Borges (Practice Status)

Level 6 

Jessica Joseph

Jocelyn Frade

Jessica Francis

Daniela Ochoa

Acadia Cass

Stormie Becotte

Chellsie Pearson

Matthew Lincoln

The selection process for level placement will be based on several categories including:

·         Collaboration of scores throughout the tryout process

·         Previous level/past experience

·         Age/grade level

·         Choreography retention and awareness

·         Jump skill technique and execution

·         Consistency and ability to follow instruction

  * Team practices will begin on Tuesday, September 20th.  The practice times your child will be attending will depend on the team they have been placed on.  Levels 1-3 will practice one night and will also take an additional class based on their gymnastics skill level.  Levels 4 -5 will practice twice per week and will not be required to take another class in addition to this.  Levels 6-7 will practice 3 times per week and will also not be required to take an additional class.

  * The Uniform Fitting for the 2014-15 Season will be held on September 30th and October 1st during practice.  A parent will need to sign a size verification form in order for your child’s uniform to be ordered.


Team Gym is competitive synchronized gymnastics squad that is perfect for recreational gymnasts. This program is perfect for students who want to compete and be part of a team environment while only practicing a few hours per week. Team Gym encourages team unity, gymnastics ability and fun! Team Gym consists of two gymnastics events; Group Floor and Group Jump. Group Floor is a synchronized floor routine consisting of elements specific to their level. Group Jump consists of rapid fire Tumbling, Vault and Mini-trampoline utilizing specific passes designed for each level of Team Gym. Team Gym levels run 1-10 with levels 8-10 being International Levels. At Bay State Gymnastics Academy we offer Team Gym as a competitive opportunity to gymnasts Advanced Beginner level or higher. All Team Gym members must attend two classes per week; a recreational class as well as the Team Gym practice night (Tuesdays). Bay State Gymnastics Academy has been competing in Team Gym since 1999.