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BSGA Level 6 Team Gym Squad

 Power Team Gym is competitive synchronized gymnastics squad that is perfect for recreational gymnasts. This program is perfect for students who want to compete and be part of a team environment while only practicing a few hours per week. Power Team Gym encourages team unity, gymnastics ability and fun! Power Team Gym consists of two gymnastics events; Group Floor and Group Jump. Group Floor is a synchronized floor routine consisting of elements specific to their level. Group Jump consists of rapid fire Tumbling, Vault and Mini-trampoline utilizing specific passes designed for each level of Power Team Gym. Power Team Gym levels run 1-10 with levels 8-10 being International Levels. At Bay State Gymnastics Academy we offer Power Team Gym as a competitive opportunity to gymnasts Advanced Beginner level or higher. All Power Team Gym members must attend two classes per week; a recreational class as well as the Power Team Gym practice night. Bay State Gymnastics Academy has been competing in Power Team Gym since 1999.