Due to the forecasted storm, we will be closed March 14. Morning classes, playgroup, afternoon and evening classes will all be cancelled. Please stay safe and warm!

Due to the snow, we will be closed today. Play Group, Classes & Open Workout are cancelled.

Due to the weather there will be no playgroup this morning. Our office will be opening at 3 and all evening classes are on!

Due to the impending storm, all morning, afternoon, evening and Power Team Gym classes will be cancelled for today February 9th. Stay safe and warm!

Due to the inclement weather we are cancelling all classes from 5:15pm and on. Please stay safe!

10 Things Feature

1. Your safety is our number 1 priority. We know you want to try skills on your own, but we also know when you are ready and when you are not.  Practicing gymnastics safely is crucial to your development from bridges all the way to back handsprings. 2. Conditioning and gymnastics are best friends. If […]