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With summer literally right around the corner I’m sure you’ve planned out the camp your kids are going to on what days, and on what weeks, well in advance. OK, maybe not! Well at Bay State we are super excited about our camps. We know how busy things can get in the summer with work and hectic schedules.

If you’ve been thinking about it, here are some reasons why sending your child (or children) to a sports-specific camp is a great choice!

Let’s get to it!

The Top 7 Reasons To Send Your Child To a Sports-Specific Camp

1. Spending the day being physically activeHand Stands

In a time when technology is a constant distraction among kids and young adults, sports-specific camps will keep them moving while also helping them improve their individual skills in a specific sport.

2. Goal-setting

It is important to learn how to set and accomplish goals, especially at a young age. Often at a sports-specific camp, goals are recorded or discussed at the beginning of the week to ensure coaching staff meets the needs of the individual athlete.

3. Diversity of coaching and peer athletes

A new coach means a new perspective and technical coaching style. Hearing the same correction from a new face may get a different reaction.

4. Meeting new friends with similar interestsFriends

Sports-specific camps provide an environment where athletes have a fun and positive experience with friends and peers who share a love of the same sport. Great bonds and friendships are developed in these atmospheres.

5. Access to a premier facility

Often times, sports-specific camps are held in a clean, fun, safe, and comfortable facility that is designed specifically for that sport. These facilities are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to train in the sport.

6. Trained and experienced coaches

The camp counselors are highly experienced coaches who are trained and certified to provide high quality instruction in the specific sport.

7. Healthy competition amongst peers Dance

When athletes attend sports-specific camps, they are exposed to a different set of peers and competitors than their usual teammates from school or their hometown. This challenges the athletes to give 100% and excel to achieve success among their new competition.

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