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Session #3 is scheduled to begin soon! The dates are: November 2-28th ~ BSGA will be closed on November 26th for Thanksgiving Day! We will be open 11/25, 11/27, 11/28 during that week.

ZOOM with us! We have new virtual classes starting this month…check out our new “My Gym Is Online” page.  FREE for October!

When registering online for classes, our families who were enrolled during our shutdown in March 2020 will be able to utilize their account credit from the shutdown toward their 2020-21 Registration and Tuition Fees.

Please take some time to review our new safety protocols, policies and procedures for the 2020-2021 season. This will help us in our efforts to provide the most positive and safe experience possible for all of our students while attending classes at BSGA!

We are so glad to be back!!

Parent Resources

2020 Online Enrollment Information
How To Register: Log onto our customer portal below and submit your child’s registration through our website; we will not be accepting any in-person registrations this year.    Customer Portal Link Below.
A Family Registration Fee of $40 will be required in addition to your child’s tuition in order to complete the enrollment.  Please fill in all fields for your child’s health record as well as your family account information so that we are able to provide the most positive experience possible for your child!  Once enrolled, all athletes are required to wear a mask and bring a backpack and water from home for class.

2020-21 Rolling Sessions

*Upon registration, all students will be enrolled in our monthly rolling sessions and autopay program.  Students will remain enrolled from one session to the next automatically and tuition payments will be charged to the card on file one week prior to the session start date.

                  Sess#2: 10/5 -10/31/20
                  Sess#3: 11/2-11/28/20
                  Sess#4: 11/30-12/23/20 & 1/2/21
                  Sess#5: 1/4-1/30/21
                  Sess#6: 2/ 1-2/27/21
                  Sess#7: 3/1-3/27/21
                  Sess#8: 3/29-4/24/21
                  Sess#9: 4/26-5/22/21
                  Sess#10: 5/24-6/21/21
                  Sess#11: 6/28-7/24/21
                  Sess#12: 7/26-8/21/21

*If your family needs to take a session off, please contact our office via email one week prior to the new session start date so that we may update your child’s enrollment and billing settings.

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